Monday, April 29, 2013

A Moslem Chaplain Jeffri Al- Buchory ...

Sad news came from one of the celebrity/chaplain figure of the country. Ustad (chaplain) Jefri or often called as Uje reportedly died because of a single accident in around Pondok Indah, South Jakarta while riding a motorcycle on Friday (26/4) morning.

The accident occurred when Ustad Jefri was riding a motorcycle on the way Kemang street through the Green Building 7 in unhealthy circumstances, when the accident Ustad Jefri hit a road divider and a tree which resulted in severe injuries on the face.

Current events of the cleric Jeffery motorhome E650 Kawasaki SGQ license number B 3590. From the testimony of witnesses at the scene said that after the accident Uje had brough from residents to Pondok Indah hospital, was treated and died a few hours at Pondok Indah hospital at 2 am on Friday 26 April 2013.

Video footage from television news about Jeffery Ustad accidents resulting in death can be seen on Youtube.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Musical Archipelago of Indonesia

gamelan ...
music has been well known and loved by Western cognoscenti for many years. This instrumental ensemble music played on a variety of metal ingots, pots, gongs, and drums (the word gamelan refers to the collection of instruments themselves) has enchanted first-time listeners (including Sir Francis Drake who visited Java in 1580) with its blend of exotic modality and shimmering timbre. Said to have been created by a Javanese king in the 3rd century, the gamelan has retained its ceremonial function in the royal courts of Java and Bali, while evolving into a modern folk form.
The course of 20th-century European art music was influenced by the gamelan , as Impressionists like Debussy appropriated the ``strange'' five- and seven-note gamelan scales to expand the boundaries of the Western harmonic language.
In the past decade there has been a remarkable surge of American and European interest in gamelan performance; these days one need not buy a ticket to Indonesia to attend a live concert, as many major universities have their own ensembles.
Despite its high profile across the world, the gamelan is not representative of the whole of Indonesian music. This should not be surprising if you are familiar with the vast geographic extent and ethnic diversity of this archipelago, which is sometimes called a maritime continent.
With 13,600 islands and 360 ethnic groups stretched across three time zones, Indonesia has the world's largest Muslim population and is the fourth most populous overall. The many incursions of foreign influence--Hinduism and Buddhism from the 3rd to 14th century, Islam from the 11th to 15th century, Portuguese in the 16th century, Dutch from the 17th century to World War II, and short-term occupations by the British and Japanese--have all left musical legacies that are discernible in today's vast spectrum of folk and popular music. Here we discuss three major genres of pop music that have transcended regionalism to become common across the islands : kroncong , dangdut , and jaipongan.
keroncong ...
music has push highly some stars of Kroncong such as : Senior singers of Solo & Yogya, Mrs. Surip with her sparkling ball eyes, Mrs Any Landau, Sapari , S. Darmanto, Ismanto, Bram Aceh and from the younger generation such as Waljinah with her song " Walang Kekek", Mini Satria, Sundari Sukoco, Wiwiek Sumbogo, Mus Mulyadi etc.
Keroncong music sometimes mixed with other instruments & beats. The compursari music : combining Kroncong & gamelan music instruments innovated by a senior artist , MR, MANTHOUS of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, is now very popular.
The Kroncong songs are also sometimes played with REGGAE or DANGDUT beat.
Three major street-popular idioms. Kroncong, a seductive music for fiddle, ukulele and guitar, probably originated under Portuguese influence back in the 17th century. Dangdut is a newer, percussion-based style with strong Muslim influences. Langgan Jawa is a form of kroncong with strong links to other local styles. Also included is some village ronggeng and a guitar-backed style that crosses local, Latin and Indian influences. These 1970s street performances, by market and other itinerant musicians are earthier and, I find, much more interesting than their studio equivalents.
dangdut ...
is far more popular, and it can be heard blaring from the loudspeakers of bemos (minivans used for public transport), storefront TV sets tuned to the music video channel, and, at night, from karaoke bars. As in rock music, there is a fairly wide range of music that gets classified as dangdut , an onomatopoeic word ( dang-dut dung dat! ) that refers to its modern, hard-edged dance rhythm. The instrumentation and song forms of today's dangdut are obviously influenced by rock music, but it has its roots in orkes melayu , a syncretic ensemble music that combined Malay and Western elements, as well as in Indian film music and urban Arab pop.
The one singer most responsible for the rise of dangdut in the last two decades is Rhoma Irama, a working-class hero whose songs manage to combine Islamic piety, social criticism, and family values, while simultaneously glamorizing his rags-to-riches tale. Dangdut has also become part of Indonesian cinema, and Irama's 1980 film, Perjuangan dan Do'a (``Struggle and Prayer'') may well have been the first Islamic rock film ever made.
Women have also made their mark in dangdut. Elvy Sukaesih, who purveys a more indigenous style, is the reigning queen, while Detty Kurnia is making headway overseas in the lucrative Japanese market. And Inul Daratista, the "goyang ngebor" woman. She always dance with her bottom. So sexy :D
Emerging from Sunda (West Java) in the 1970s, jaipongan has rapidly spread to other parts of Indonesia, riding the wave of a dance craze that can be arguably traced back to a decree by President Sukarno in the early Sixties that banned all ``foreign'' music including rock n' roll. Young musicians who had been happily playing the twist and jive for eager audiences were forced to invent purely indigenous replacements.
One enterprising student named Gugum Gumbira Tirasondjaja embarked on a study of rural dance and festival music that occupied him for twelve years. By far his most popular experiment proved to be the updating of a village ritual music called ketuk tilu , which is the name of a pot-gong used in the ensemble. The rest of the group typically consists of other gongs, a rebab (spike fiddle), barrel drums, and a female singer-dancer, ronggeng , who is often also a prostitute. Gugum's contribution was in expanding and energizing the drum section, redefining the singer as just a singer, and giving the music a catchy onomatopoeic name.
In jaipongan the gongs are tuned to a pentatonic scale, while the melody carried by the rebab and the vocalist are usually in a heptatonic scale. The subtle dissonance between the two scales comes and goes as microtonal inflections in the melody play on this effect. Within a song, the texture alternates between sections in which the singer lyrically unfurls tales of love, money, and agriculture over a stately gong cycle, and passages of frenetic drumming, whooping, and grunts by the rest of the band. It was hard to miss the irony when the authorities tried to crack down on jaipongan , offended by the ``overly sensuous'' nature of the dancing, which was based on an authentically traditional form--the government got what they asked for.
The official ban on foreign pop music lasted only a few years, and today's bands are free to play anything from reggae to heavy metal to covers of John Denver. It is a tribute to the vitality of the local musical traditions that modern Indonesian pop has not been completely dominated by such foreign forms, as has happened in neighboring countries like Malaysia and the Philippines. It's about time that the rest of the world discovered the flourishing Indonesian music scene beyond the gamelan .

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Quit Smoking Tips

Find some support ...
Having others who are interested in your success is very important. Active group of people who can give you the help and encouragement you need. Sign in as a guest to browse and read posts from other quitters, or register(free) to post messages of your own. Add some support to your quit smoking program.
Eat well and balanced diet ...
Treats are fine, but be careful not to go overboard with the wrong kinds of food right now. Your body is working hard to expel toxins during the withdrawal process, and that takes energy. Choose foods that will provide you with the high quality fuel you need. Avoid the empty calories of junk food.
Take a multi-vitamin ...
Smoking depletes our bodies of nutrients. Give yourself a boost with the help of a multi-vitamin. This, combined with good diet will help you minimize the fatigue that can often occur during nicotine withdrawal.
Stock the fridge with healthy snacks ...
Have small bags of bite size fresh veggies within easy reach. Celery and carrots sticks with low fat ranch dressing for dipping makes a good snack. Fresh fruit, such as pineapple chunks, berries, melon or other fruits in season will satisfy your sweet tooth if they're clean and ready to eat when you're looking for a snack. Good freezer treats include low fat fudgesicles and frozen grapes.
Get out for a walk ...
A short walk every day – as little as 15 minutes even, can work wonders for you as you withdraw from nicotine. Walking reduces edginess and improves circulation. It also releases endorphins, the "feel good" hormone. So, when the urge to smoke strikes, head out for a walk around the block. You’ll come back refreshed and relaxed.
Get more sleep ...
Early cessation is tiring. Your body is stressed and so is your mind. Allow more time to sleep if you need it. Don’t worry, the weariness won't last. Your energy will return soon.
Drink water ...
Water helps you flush residual toxins from smoking out of your body more quickly. It also works well as a craving buster. Drink water before you snack and you'll eat less. Water is an important part of your diet! Keep yourself well-hydrated, and you'll feel better in general. That will in turn help you manage withdrawal symptoms more easily.
Keep some supplies in your car.If you spend a lot of time driving, have some items handy to help you pass the time more comfortably. Drink some of that water we just talked about while you're driving. Keep a bottle or two in the car at all times. Also store a bag of hard candies and lollipops in your glovebox and have some straws or cinnamon sticks availabe to chew on.
Do some deep breathing ...
Cravings usually hit fast and with force. They're strongest at the start, and fade in intensity within 3 - 5 minutes. Don't panic when you get a craving to smoke. Take a few moments to concentrate on your breathing. Close your eyes if possible and breathe in and out slowly. Let the craving wash over you like a wave while you focus on your breathing. The urge will pass and you’ll be left feeling stronger.
Turn your bathroom into a day spa ...
Light some candles, and take a long hot bubble bath. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure and follow with a facial. Pamper yourself!
Have a cup of tea or green tea ...
Allow yourself a few minutes to relax with a cup of tea and honey. Choose herbal teas rather than those with caffiene. It's an quick and easy way to rejuvenate yourself.
Reward yourself ...
Come up with a list of small gifts that you can give yourself every day. Take a hot bath. Buy a new candle. Read a fun magazine. Enlist someone else in the family to cook dinner. Small daily rewards will boost your spirits and fortify your resolve to keep the quit.Be patient and kind to yourself during the early days of smoking cessation. The rewards will outweigh the discomforts you're going through. Nicotine withdrawal is a temporary phase. Better days are ahead!
Keep away your life from drug and alcohol ...
These things are nicotine's friend. Nicotine, alcohol and drug are cruel gangster and they can destroy your life easilly. ( My friend said )

Sunday, July 1, 2007

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